We're a bit of a unicorn.

In more ways than one.


a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single horn projecting from its forehead

something unusual, rare, or unique

“There’s the elusive unicorn: Big agency quality with small agency personality.

Big agency talent.

Small agency personality.


Mythic was founded to put the human aspect of digital services squarely in the spotlight. We focus on treating clients and employees as best as possible, all while providing top-tier services – with a little touch of magic, of course. 

A fully-remote company since before the pandemic, we translate the savings from having low overhead into higher employee pay and smaller service costs. These priorities have served us well.

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No one does it like you Let us help you shine


Technology should support you, not the other way around. Our unique client onboarding experience provides a holistic view of your company’s magic touch. You won’t hear any cookie-cutter suggestions from us – we use our deep understanding of your brand to create a custom digital experience that magnifies its efficacy and grace.

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More than money

Amplifying the exposure of messages that matter most is important work. For us at Mythic, it’s a privilege to help increase awareness and spread ideas that add value to society. That’s why we’ve committed to donating our services to one close-to-our-hearts cause each year, beginning in 2023.

For the first project, our search didn’t take long. We were excited to partner with NEDCamp, an annual open source community event here in the heart of New England, to support their web strategy, development, and design needs. Our team is made of “open source first” supporters, making this partnership a natural choice. 

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It's almost like magic.

Strategy & Design

Upgrade your digital experience. Whether it's creating a new site or supporting an existing one, we're here to help make it happen.

Create a winning website


Our best magic trick. Your vision – brought to life. Our team loves partnering with designers and visionaries to create an experience that's a real dream come true.  

Make some magic


Assistance with any of your day-to-day technologies from things like your website, analytics, and integrations all the way to CRMs, reporting and AI consultations.

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