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Acquia.com after
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Acquia's digital makeover

Acquia needed a partner to oversee the build and maintenance of all of their marketing websites, including their flagship site — Acquia.com. Mythic was happy to play that role.

We created an easy-to-use page-building system that worked with some really complicated design patterns, and served them up differently in several languages for customers around the globe. 

Adding an internal content approval system and a dash of personalization transformed Acquia.com into a digital marvel — a perfect example of what can be achieved when you combine the company's own suite of products with the power of Drupal.

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We put the magic of website editing right at your fingertips

Our user-friendly tools are designed to make the process not just easy, but also inspirational. 

Want to tweak a headline, add a splash of color, or reposition an image? It's all a breeze. Your website, your way – and we're here if you need us. 

Dive into the adventure of crafting your online presence, and discover the joy of shaping your website exactly the way you envision.

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Accessibility isn't an afterthought – it's at the heart of what we do

We believe that a great website is one that everyone can enjoy, no matter how they access the web. With our intuitive design and focus on inclusive practices, your site becomes a welcoming place for all visitors. 

It's not just about compliance; it's about creating a seamless experience that resonates with any audience. Join us in making the digital world a more accessible place.

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In the fast-paced world of the web, every second counts

We understand that a swift site is a winning site. Our team fine-tunes your website's speed, providing an instant experience that maximizes user engagement. 

And when it comes to SEO? We've got the magic touch to help your site rise in search rankings, making sure it's not just fast, but found. 

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Turn your website into a multilingual marvel

We believe in breaking down barriers and speaking your audience's language. Our translation services expand the reach of your website, allowing you to connect with people from all corners of the world. 

With accurate and culturally sensitive translations, we help you reach beyond borders and engage with a wider audience. Our magic touch? You can do more than just translate - you have the power to create a whole new page layout for different audiences.

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One size does not fit all

That's why we offer website personalization that makes every visitor feel special. Imagine a site that greets your audience by name, shows them what they're interested in, and leads them on an ideal path. 

It's like a guiding light towards the solution you want them to find. Make a website that's more than a destination; it's an individualized journey.

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Goal-getting strategies.
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We'll happily play the role of capable sidekick

Mythic is a relied upon ally with over a decade of experience combining our talents in all things digital.

Whether you need design support, new CMS pages, CRM work, or anything in between, we've got your mission covered.

We believe in marketing heroes, and we're here to make sure that you & your vision save the day.

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Large Orgs

We become an extension of your teams—helping established corporations enhance their digital experience through strategy, design, and development. Introducing changes that enhance future goals and expand company impact.

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Growing Brands

Breathing new life into the soul of your online presence, we revitalize websites and online touch points to bring a focus to services & products as they evolve, optimizing your digital presence to expanding your reach.

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We work with founders, communicating their ideas into an online identity they can share with pride. Together we’ll solidify your digital strategy, take your offer to the online market and create an inspirational experience that delivers.

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Beyond Insurance
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Portland Web Works
Trinity Trailer

...I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on.

Mythic provides development and architect resources for most of our projects focused on Drupal and JavaScript. Overall, they’ve been helping us keep things situated and stable and set everything up — they play a critical role in our key projects, like rebuilding our public-facing marketing website from scratch. For the web revamp task, they’ve created interactive components in its UI and optimized everything to ensure that the platform is optimal and easy to update and maintain.

They have the best practices and code standards for development. They’re good at staying within deadlines and budgets — their team consistently delivers upon those constraints. Communication is strong; they’re always available and very responsive. In addition to that, Mythic's team is flexible with working hours. I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on.

Matt Wetmore, Senior Director of Digital Marketing
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